Royal Border Bridge - How to renounce citizenship

How to Renounce Your Citizenship

How does one go about renouncing citizenship? It’s not as easy as burning your old passport. Practices vary from country to country, with some examples below. Canada Canadian regulations offer a comparatively easy renunciation process. The first step, ticking off six boxes on the list of eligibility criteria, promises to be relatively straightforward. This will […]

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Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong

Evaluating International Health Options

International health insurance policies are usually designed such that the insurance company is located in one country, the insured person is a citizen of another country, and the insured person is living outside his or her country of citizenship. There are many variations on the theme, with citizens returning home temporarily and so on, but […]

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Vantovyjj most, the bridge in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, view from the left bank.

Evaluating Local Health Options

A country’s local health system is going to look more or less like the one back home; the main variations will be in quality and how some of the bureaucratic details are set up (as in the previous post). Here we’ll just do a quick rundown of things to consider about any given national public […]

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Waszyngtona Ave and Devil's Bridge, Krakow, Poland for health care

Comparing Health Care Systems as an Expat

Would You Like a Samashko with that Beveridge? In this article we are going to give a rundown of different public health care systems from around the globe. As an expat your mission (especially if you have a family or loved ones involved) is to organize access to the best possible health care in any […]

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McNeil Beach Lighthouse and Seal Island Bridge, in Victoria County, Nova Scotia.

A Brief Glance at Offshore Banking

Offshore banking is exactly what its name suggests: it is a financial process in which a depositor deposits his or her money in a bank that is located outside of the home country. The name traces back to banks found on the Channel Islands. They were “offshore” from the United Kingdom. It is a common […]

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