How to Survive a Solar Kill Shot and other Expat Travel Tips

Bahia Honda Bridge, highest span of Overseas Highway on way to Key West, Florida - Before a Solar Kill shot

Bahia Honda Bridge, highest span of Overseas Highway on way to Key West, Florida

A Solar Kill Shot is not your garden variety natural disaster, although a catastrophe with an apostrophe, it is 100% natural. If you seriously want to learn how to survive a massive electro magnetic pulse, it’s because you never researched what distinguishes this freak of nature as an extinction level event (ELE). Or never pay attention to that stuff about a the 1859 Solar Superstorm, or the Carrington Event as it’s known by. Not to worry, we can save you some time since you can’t plan for a Solar Superstorm but you can pray to not survive one. You would not want to survive a pole shift either and that may in fact be a byproduct of the above mentioned menace, in which case the same famous steps for how to survive an atomic bomb apply – 10 Steps to Prepared for an Atomic Bomb, starts with; 1) Remove glasses 2) Sit in an upright position…. to 9) Place your head between your legs 10) Kiss your ass goodbye!

As a world traveler for over 40 years, I’ve been in some very dangerous storms. When the first wave of tsunami hit Thailand, I was on the phone with a friend who was in Malaysia, standing on a pier with a sailboat he was bare-boat chartering, when he tells me on his cell phone “Dude there is a huge wave coming towards me” then he was freaking when it nearly lifted the yacht onto the dock, as it went by. We all known the about the very sad loss of life and property damage that the same wave created in other places. Mother Nature can be cruel, but Father Nature IE. the Solar System can be wicked in comparison, he shows no mercy and the galaxy has the scars to prove it, especially well demonstrated in the possible planet chunks and pieces, now call asteroids found in the astral belt. There are also major clues to be found, right here on earth, that once upon a time, or maybe perhaps on some bizarre cosmic cycle as purported by the “binary sun” theory, just as natural of a wave on a pond, albeit on a much different oscillation, than our normal-bias stunted minds can grasp. Comes a planetary extinction level event, right on schedule.

Things to consider if you survive a Solar Kill Shot:

  • you have in your genetic code the instinct to survive, and do right
  • try to remain calm and try to think clearly (avoid panic at all cost)
  • you must help other people, before helping yourself (unless you can’t)
  • think like a team with your family and friends, think tribal survival

Source bible for the Jefferson Bible - Smithso...A good guide book for post-cataclysm is the The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth as it is formally titled, was a book constructed by Thomas Jefferson in the latter years of his life by cutting and pasting (literally with a razor and glue) numerous sections from the New Testament as extractions of the doctrine of Jesus. Jefferson’s condensed composition is especially notable for its exclusion of all miracles by Jesus and most mentions of the supernatural, including sections of the four gospels which contain the Resurrection and most other miracles, and passages indicating Jesus was divine. You don’t necessarily need to read this book to get the point that Jefferson, who was said to be the last man who may have possibly read everything “cutting edge” that had ever been written. An individual of unparalleled intellect, whom provided such great ideas to humanity, cut and pasted a guide book for moral authority, as it pertains to surviving an extinction level event, or living for living in today’s world. Try to conduct yourself as would have Jesus of Nazareth.

Now I have to tell you that I’m not a religious man, actually I’m suspicious of the Bible for having been used as propaganda. The Dead Sea Scrolls are amazing to me and I appreciate learning about them. However, I’m the furthest thing from being a scholar and may even lean more towards a Buddhism. Certainly helps me to relax practicing yoga and learning Zen but I do believe in God and love a quote from Voltaire to empathize: “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe”. Having said that, I believe that Jesus was just a man like you and me, and I prefer to think that’s we’re all the Sons/Daughters of God, just that Jesus was extremely enlightened, as was Buddha (and others), he was connected spiritually and mentally, to the entire universe of knowledge, at a much higher frequency. He was direct to the source and so can we be. An important message that I get from my understanding of this man called Jesus Christ, is that he didn’t produce any books while he was living, and he could have made many. He forbid other people to write books about him, and made for me a strong point that; it’s not about what you read or write (or for that matter say), it’s about what you do.

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another way to consider Jesus of Nazareth is like the greatest rock star in the history of the world. More people know his alleged words than any other performer, ever! The second on that list is Bob Marley and this was the travel tip part of the message. Yes, more people on this planet recognize the face of Bob Marley, his message of peace, love and freedom still resonate over the entire planet. His music, especially “Three Little Birds” is known the world over, and should be a global national anthem for all time. These Reggae vibrations can unite people, also his image on your shirt can build a bridge with foreigner that does not speak your language, since the knowledge of his identity is something you share. Therefor, a good tip for a traveler, always try to blend-in with your clothing but for festive events, street parties and/or crowded outdoor events having a discreet Bob Marley tee-shirt can win you lot’s of nod’s and smiles.

In summary; 1) you can’t prepare for an extinction level event. 2) whatever situation befalls you, if you remain calm and think, you’ll know what to do (instinctively). 3) when in doubt, think about the Jefferson Bible, which by the way, in a trivia question; what is the most valuable book in the library of congress? Answer: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth – Just ask yourself; what would he do in your situation? 4) Dress appropriately and when you get the blues, think about these lyrics:

“Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

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