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Where to now, was a slogan I thought of while out for a walk in my neighborhood. It came to me as if it were an idea processed, since I kept asking the question; what is the shortest, simplest sentence that can define the purpose of an Expat Authority Network? As I was mulling over this question the past couple of days, the answer came to me today while I was not working on the problem. It made me smile because it sounded like something a taxi driver would say, to someone who doesn’t know where they are. Where to now?

Where to now!

Our objective is build a useful resources for ourselves and out friends, by connecting together our patchwork network of local experts. We have solutions for Expats, and we plan on helping other people join us – living overseas. The most common question that I’ve been asked over the years, by people considering the Expat option, is “how do you make money?” Quite frankly, that to me is the most important question you need to be asking yourself, unless of course you’ve got a stash of cash, in which case you might be asking; “How can I make my money work for me, overseas?”

Film poster for Wild Orchid (film) - Copyright...

Film poster for Wild Orchid (film) – Copyright 1990, (Wikipedia)

In the classic Mickey Rourke film ~ Wild Orchid ~ The character Mickey plays makes millions in Brazil, starting out as a skid-row house speculator that flips real estate, all the way up the ladder to Beachfront Hotel ownership. This is a very real opportunity, today. Real estate is the most fundamental of all investment classes, in most of the world there exists enormous opportunity for profit from property speculating. The key of course is having the financial where-with-all to get started and the means in which to sustain the campaign for a couple of years at least. Everyone needs either a retirement fund or an income, therefor on this blog, we’re going to explore ideas about making money “while living overseas”.

We all live in the information age, whether you want to admit it or not. Internet development has been the way that I’ve empowered myself to travel the world. Now a days most of the jobs are information related, with a worldwide demand for people with unique web-skill sets. There are more ways to make money by tenfold here in Brazil, compared to when Wild Orchid was filmed in Rio de Janeiro. Not only that but the amount of money that a success online can generate is 20 times greater than just 20 years ago. Aside from that, and really the point of the idea, is that there are lot’s of ways to make money online, as an entrepreneur. In my particular case, it’s been Internet marketing and web development consulting that has provided the income for my lifestyle here in Brazil. Oh accept the 3 years I lived in Australia as a backpacker.

I believe that it’s not necessary to have a retirement fund, or a big bankroll. However, you do need money, skills and a plan. There are so many ways to make money online but in web development and Internet marketing the grunt work is “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). It’s the equivalent of being a dish washer in a restaurant, probably a good metaphor too, since there even more positions in a web company, but the owner makes that much more than the dishwasher. Keep in mind too, that if you ever meet the Sommelier at the Forge in Miami Beach, for example, you’ll know that these specialists make more than a dentist. For this reason, if you develop special skills, say for example in video editing for film production. You can make more money than the Sommelier, in other words “Live like a lucky charm, overseas”. The key is having the unique skill-sets and knowing how to find the market for your talent and how to sell your wares. The demand for Internet expertise is huge.

In order to get started sooner, a burgeoning Expat will want to move somewhere super affordable and practice austerity living. In other words, reduce your overhead. What get’s contemporary culture in a rut, is the debt service slavery. I get it, we’ve mostly all lived through it. It’s not easy to struggle for a living, especially in a foreign place but if Internet work is how you want to make money, then there’s a way to get online and get to work. The most important thing that I can tell anyone, who intends to work their way up the tried and proven method of website development and Internet marketing, is that it’s all about providing value to the web. Whatever you do online, try to put your best effort forward. Try to improve your skill-sets, master tactics, broaden your understanding and most important of all – produce something of value!

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